1.  How many bundles do I need?

A.  Our bundles are very thick down through the ends.  For shorter styles, it is recommended to use 2 bundles, adding a bundle for a fuller look.  For longer styles, it is recommended to use 3 bundles, adding a bundle for a fuller look.

2.  How often should I wash my hair?

A.  It is recommended that you cowash your hair once a week with good quality shampoo and conditioning products.  Use alcohol free products to prevent drying out the hair and frizz.

3.  Can I blow dry my hair?

A. NO! Air drying is recommended.

4.  What styling products should I use?

A.  Apply a moisturizing, leave-in conditioner after washing is recommended to avoid the need for other styling products between washes.  Do not use heavy oils, as they can weigh down your hair, restricting movement and cause tangling.

5.  Can I cut the weft?

A.  Cutting the weft is not recommended unless necessary.  If the weft is cut, be sure seal it as this can cause shedding.

6.  Can I bleach or dye my hair?

A.  YES! Your hair is 100% unprocessed and can be be color treated and styled as you desire.  


1.  How many times can I use my lashes?

A.  With the proper care, your GlamourLux Lashes can be worn up to 30 times.

2.  Can I clean my lashes?

A.  We do not recommend washing your lashes.  Gently peel off any adhesive residue and simply use a lash/brow brush to remove any mascara residue.

3.  How should I store my lashes?

A.  Always keep your lashes securely placed in the tray and stored in the box.